Celebrities with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss isn’t limited to the average blue or white collar worker, It's a problem that touches millions around the world. Here are a few celebrities who also experience hearing loss.

Rob Lowe

He lost all hearing ability in his right ear after a case of Mumps during his childhood.

Halle Berry

She lost 80% of the hearing in her left ear after being attacked by an abusive boyfriend 20 years ago.

Stephen Colbert

Due to a tumor in his right ear during childhood, doctors needed to remove his eardrum leaving him completely deaf in that ear.

Rush Limbaugh

A rare autoimmune inner-ear disease left him virtually deaf. He now has two cochlear implants to help restore some of his hearing.

Leslie Nielsen

Born legally deaf, Leslie was diagnosed with sensorineural hearing loss and has worn hearing aids most of his life.

Marlee Matlin

It was initially believed that Marlee lost her hearing after an infection during childhood, but her doctor later discovered it was caused by malformed cochlea.


The musician is one of the many who suffer from tinnitus. A disorder caused by excessively loud noises resulting in permanent ear ringing.

Lou Ferrigno

He lost 80% of his hearing after a series of ear infections during his childhood.

Pete Townshend

Guitarist from The Who, Pete has hearing loss and tinnitus in both ears as a result of loud noise exposure while performing.

Here are a few indicators of hearing loss from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Identify the Signs website. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, make an appointment with us today.