May is Better Hearing Month and a great time to celebrate all the sounds that good hearing health can provide!

  • Birds singing – the birds are back from their winter get-a-ways. What could be better than starting the morning with a great cup of coffee, warm, morning sun and the sound of birds chirping
  • Grandchildren giggles – what grandchild doesn’t love to laugh. This May celebrate the gift of the sound of their giggles to your ears and the joy the sound brings
  • Conversations with friends and family – the conversations we have with the people we love enrich our lives and help us to feel more connected

There are many sounds to celebrate during Better Hearing Month. Unfortunately, poor hearing health causes us to lose our ability to hear everyday noises such as singing birds, and eventually, lose those special sounds such as a giggle, a whisper and good conversations with friends and family members. Hearing loss is a chronic condition that typically comes on gradual, and when left unchecked, a decline in hearing health can add up to a big problem.

Here is what you can do this May: make an appointment to see a hearing care professional or audiologist. A simple hearing test and evaluation can establish a baseline for your hearing health. The audiologist can also talk about tips to maintain hearing health, share ideas about how to monitor for hearing declines and discuss any questions you have about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Better Hearing Month is a reminder to us all about the importance of good hearing to our quality of life. There are so many sounds to enjoy and so many sounds that make our life richer. Making a simple appointment for a hearing test and evaluation is one action you can take today to make sure you don’t miss out on the sounds you love!