When it comes to hearing loss, many people are unaware that there is a spectrum. Patients who face hearing loss will most likely have a different experience compared to someone else who is also facing hearing loss. Hearing loss is incredibly common and many people are unaware of whether they are facing hearing loss. Many people can go decades having hearing loss and not even know it.

Once you notice that your hearing has been decreasing, that’s when you need to see an audiologist. An audiologist will be able to assist you in finding out the cause of the hearing loss and they can also assist in finding solutions, such as a hearing aid or even a form of therapy.

But what about people with profound hearing loss? Can an audiologist help them? Patients who have profound hearing loss will need to see an audiologist regularly. An audiologist will be able to assess their current hearing aid or recommend a more suitable model. So why does a patient with profound hearing loss get a hearing aid?

Are Patients with Profound Hearing Loss Able to Use Hearing Aids?

There is the assumption that people who have profound hearing loss are not going to be able to benefit from hearing aids, but this is far from true. All hearing aid manufacturers offer some version of the hearing aid that can assist patients who cannot hear a noise under 90dB. These high-powered hearing aid’s function and look just like a regular hearing aid. Patients with profound hearing loss will use larger hearing aids since their need to hear is louder.

Why Do Patients with Profound Hearing Loss Wear Hearing Aids?

Other than hearing better, there are other reasons why someone with profound hearing loss would want to wear a hearing aid. Hearing loss isn’t some one size fits all where everyone is facing the same type of hearing loss. That is far from the case, there are a variety of different causes of hearing loss and different ways that the hearing aid is going to assist in making the patient’s life a little easier. Some other reasons why a person with profound hearing loss would wear a hearing aid includes:

  • They feel that the hearing aid is a part of their identity.
  • It allows others around them to know that they have profound hearing loss.
  • It makes their day-to-day life easier, including assisting in environmental awareness.
  • It gives them more security.

Overall, there are many reasons why someone with profound hearing loss would choose to wear a hearing aid, even if they’re unable to hear at all it can still give a sense of security and let others around them know of their disability.

Why Patients Need a Good Audiologist

Patients who are dealing with hearing loss should seek a local audiologist as soon as they can. Hearing aids that patients with profound hearing loss use are different from the standard hearing aids from those who have mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Hearing aids for profound hearing loss have a higher level of amplification. This will allow the patient to not only hear better but also allows for an assistive hearing device that is going to increase the volume of noise that they otherwise would have not been able to hear at all.

A lot of hearing aids for profound hearing loss have feedback control features. This can help in preventing any runway loop between the speaker and the microphone. Many high-powered hearing aids will have droning noises due to the increased volume from the microphone and speaker. So, the newer and modern hearing aid. While the feedback control technology that many high-powered hearing aids have is very important for someone who has profound hearing loss, so is having the hearing aid properly fitted.

This is essential as this is going to help the component function properly. There needs to be a snug fit so the transmission of sound waves can properly go through between the microphone and the stereo. Visiting your local audiologist is going to drastically assist in preventing any additional hearing loss and making the hearing aid feel comfortable. The audiologist can help people with profound hearing loss get their hearing aid fitted properly so you can have the best hearing with the device.

Having a proper fit is also going to avoid the risk of any itchiness or irritation of the skin. An audiologist will also be able to ensure the patient that their ear canals are in perfectly good health so there will be the capability of sound conduction. An audiologist will also educate you on proper care of the device and what features are going to be the most beneficial.

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