People often delay seeking treatment for hearing loss. In fact, it is common to wait 7-10 years before getting treatment from a hearing care professional. That is a long time to wait, and it also gives us many years to develop several bad communication habits that we use to cope with deteriorating hearing. Here are some examples:

  • We pretend to hear a conversation when, in fact, we are not following what is being said
  • We let our frustration come out regularly and get angry at the person trying to speak with us
  • We play the victim, placing the blame on other people
  • We lose sight of the importance of a two-way conversation to our relationships
  • We practice avoidance and isolate ourselves from difficult listening situations

All of these behaviors reduce our ability to take an active role in the conversations around us. These actions may seem like a good idea in the short run, but practiced over time they will contribute to us feeling even more insecure about ourselves and our hearing health. These behaviors can also drive those we love away at a time when we need love and support the most.

There is good news! First, there is no need to be subject to any of these bad hearing habits. By incorporating regular hearing health assessments into your life, you can be proactive and identify the signs of hearing loss early. This approach will help you stay on top of your hearing health to ensure you are hearing your best as you age. If you are already struggling with hearing loss, hearing care professionals can help you too. It starts with a simple hearing test. Your hearing care professional will then sit down with you to discuss the best solutions to start hearing better.

Don’t delay any longer, schedule an appointment to get your hearing tested.