Did you know that taking back control of your hearing health simply begins with a click or call? That’s right. Scheduling an audiology appointment online or calling a hearing center to speak with professionals to make an appointment is the first important step. That click to make an appointment or call should be celebrated! You are taking action to learn more about your hearing problems and the solutions that could get you back on track.

Many tens of millions of Americans have hearing loss, but unfortunately it can, on average, take ten years before they seek help. Why the delay? Well, often times hearing loss sneaks up on an individual. It is a gradual change and many patients simply turn the volume up louder on the television or perhaps ask others to repeat themselves more often. It’s not until these actions start to eat away at normal conversations and interactions that enough frustration builds for the person to take action. Many also believe that hearing aids mean they are old. Yes, that reason alone is still a major barrier to many patients seeking help. Today’s hearing aids have advanced technology. Hearing aids are also more discreet than ever and with the help of an app on your smart phones you can more easily adjust settings as needed.

Active. Productive. Effective. Joyful. Successful. Social. Fulfilled. These are the words the Better Hearing Institute uses to describe those with hearing loss. Yes, that’s right hearing loss doesn’t have to manage your lifestyle instead you can manage it. But to do that the first step is to click or call to speak with a hearing care professional and schedule that first hearing test. Only once you know the degree of your hearing problem can you start to take back control and choose the path to better hearing health.

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