Like a pair of glasses to treat vision impairments, hearing aids can also work as a pair. When you have hearing loss in both ears, there are clear benefits to wearing two aids. Here are some of those benefits from the Better Hearing Institute:

  • Conversations. Two hearing aids provide better selective listening. Selective listening allows your brain to focus on the conversation you want to hear. Wearing two hearing aids also helps you capture sounds better in noisy situations versus just one hearing aid
  • Sound location. When your ears work together you can more easily locate the source of a sound. This is important not just to conversations, but also to personal safety
  • Sound distance. Two hearing aids also allow us to hear sounds better from further distances
  • Sound quality. With one hearing aid, you have only 180 degrees of hearing, but with two hearing aids your hearing is expanded full circle. With improved range, you are also able to set you hearing aids to a lower volume. Lower volume also helps to prevent air feedback, which can sometimes cause a whistling noise
  • Loud sounds. As mentioned above, two hearing aids can be set to a lower volume which helps you to better tolerate loud noises
  • Balance. Two hearing aids create a balanced reception of noise, which in turn creates a more natural listening experience

Ultimately, your hearing care professional will work with you to not only determine what degree of hearing loss you have, but to also educate you in the best treatment options.