Smart phones just like hearing aids have come a long way. Today it seems like our smart phones can do just about anything. If you wear hearing aids, your smart phone is a great tool to help you hear your best no matter the listening situation.

Today’s smart phones work with your hearing aids to provide the following benefits:

  • Easier and more discreet settings control. With the use of a mobile app many hearing aids can be adjusted quickly and on-the-go. This provides you more control over what and how much you hear. Many hearing aid apps allow you to program favorite settings and some can even automatically adjust with location changes
  • Direct streaming from your phone to your hearing aids. Phone calls become clearer with the use of a compatible smart phone. From the ring to the conversation your mobile phone can connect directly to your hearing aids to stream the sound
  • Clearer conversations in meetings, restaurants and other difficult situations. A smart phone can also be used as an additional microphone to help stream conversations better to your hearing aids. Plus, it is much more discreet to lay your mobile phone on the table rather than other accessories
  • Enjoy music. Music can be one of the toughest sounds to win back when you have hearing loss. Some hearing aid brands feature options for direct streaming of music from your smart phone to your hearing aids
  • More access to your audiologist no matter where you are. ReSound recently launched an exciting feature called remote assist which connects you directly to your hearing care professional via a smart phone app. Your audiologist can then make settings adjustments that download directly to your hearing aids – no need to rush into the clinic.

Pairing a smart phone with your hearing aid means you gain more control of your listening experience. Contact your hearing care professional for information about what hearing aids and smart phones work together. Functionality can vary by hearing aid brand and type of smart phone.