Summer sure can fly by and that means soon it will be back-to-school time for many kids. As parents across the country check-off supply purchases on their school lists, parents of children with hearing loss have additional preparations to make this time of year. If your child has hearing loss here are some tips to prepare for school this year:

  • Schedule an appointment with your audiologist. Have your child evaluated and hearing aids checked to ensure that they are working properly and settings appropriate. This is a great way to get your child’s hearing aid technology ready for the new school year
  • Communicate with the child’s school. If your child has an individual learning plan in place, review that plan for the new year to make sure it is still relevant. We recommend keeping an open dialogue with your child’s school and talk with your child’s new teacher about the best ways to communicate and stay in contact throughout the school year
  • Make sure your child is confident about handling their hearing aids. While he or she may be all set to go in the morning, things can happen during the day that may require adjustments to their hearing aids. Spend time this summer practicing different scenarios
  • Teach your child to speak up for their needs. While we would like to always be there for our child, we can’t. An important life skill for all children regardless of their hearing abilities is to learn how to self-advocate. Practice at home the situations your child might encounter at school so they can be more confident with their response
  • Investigate hearing aid accessories. Summer is a great time to research new hearing aid accessories that can help your child in the classroom. Your audiologist can be a great resource and recommend the best accessory for your child’s hearing aids and unique needs

And remember, kids want to be kids. Don’t let the school year be consumed with questions about how they are handling hearing loss in the classroom. Be sure to expose your child to new activities and experiences to keep learning and school fun!