Apps for Hearing Loss

Smartphones are constantly making our lives better. The entire Internet is at our fingertips and we have applications for every topic imaginable- even hearing loss. At Clifton Springs Hearing Center in Pittsford, New York, we have found even more applications for Android and Apple operating systems that can improve your life or the life of someone you know.


  • Availability: iOS and Android
  • Cost: Free
  • Overview: Over 80% of the shows on Netflix have subtitles. You can now watch all of your shows without missing a single word.


  • Availability: Apple
  • Cost: Free
  • Overview: PlayItDown allows you to experience what music sounds like to someone 5, 10, 20, even 30 years older than you. Pick a song and let PlayItDown adjust your hearing age levels for you.

Decibel Meter Pro

  • Availability: iOS
  • Cost: $0.99
  • Overview: Designed with a combination of digital and analog displays and a handy decibel reference chart, the application allows you to check the sound levels and noise isolation in the area around you.

WideNoise Plus

  • Availability: Android
  • Cost: Free
  • Overview: Train your hearing with several fun games. Increase your score and improve listening skills. Developed by Starkey, the app allows you to track your progress and unlock higher levels as you improve.

When phone apps are no longer enough, contact our Pittsford, New Yorkoffice to schedule your consultation appointment.