What does it take to become a hearing super hero?  Listening to each other well is one of the most important actions we do as humans and good hearing health is essential to this “super power”.

When you’re listening super power is at its best during a conversation you might…

  • Offer a loved one the comfort they have been looking for
  • Recommend an action to confront a problem facing a friend
  • Ask insightful questions that deepen the relationship

It is the everyday actions that bring empathy and kindness to those around you and that make our personnel relationships stronger that add up to make you a hearing super hero. But, if your hearing health is poor, it is likely that you are missing key pieces of the conversations around you.

When listening and understanding conversation becomes more difficult due to hearing loss, there are several changes that can occur. First, you may feel frustrated and angry and these feelings can inject conflict into every conversation.  When conversations become harder or more combative, overtime it is natural to pull away from these situations.  Isolation is common as hearing loss worsens.  Finally, you are not the only one experiencing this change.  Your family and friends also grieve as they find it more difficult to communicate and connect with you.

The good news is that we can get back to being a hearing super hero and building back our listening super power.  While hearing loss is not reversible, an audiologist can work with you to find the right hearing aid technology for your situation.  Hearing aid technology today is remarkable. Smaller, more discreet but very powerful.

Even super heroes sometimes need a little help. If you are noticing changes in your ability to hear and understand what others are saying, contact our hearing center today to learn more about how we can help get you back in the conversation.