9 Misconceptions About Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids

Often what we think we know gets in the way of what we ought to know. Many of the common misconceptions about hearing loss can be chocked up to rumor and hearsay. Modern research and development put these complaints to rest.

Hearing loss only affects a small number of people

Current studies show that over 28 million people live with hearing loss. And that’s just in the United States! With one in ten people suffering from hearing loss, there’s no need to be shy or embarrassed because you are NOT alone.

If I had hearing loss, I’d be the first to know

Because of the gradual nature of most hearing disorders, many people live with hearing loss for years without knowing they actually have it!

Most hearing loss cannot be helped

Not true. Nowadays, over 90% of hearing disorders are treatable with modern technology.

Hearing loss happens because sounds aren’t loud enough

Hearing must be considered with factors aside from decibel level and loudness. The frequency of sounds, the pitch, has more to do with healthy hearing than anything. Simply amplifying sounds isn’t the answer; you need to improve HOW those sounds are received.