Like our eyes, our ears are highly sensitive and complex organs that are both surprisingly durable and potentially fragile. As such, it’s important to take care of them, and to make sure we commit to healthy lifestyle decisions that limit the possibility of hearing loss over time.

The truth is, however, that hearing loss can affect more than just how clearly and loudly you hear incoming sounds. It can also affect your balance, your day-to-day communication ability, and your overall sense of wellbeing.

That’s why if experiencing hearing loss, it’s important to be seen by an audiologist able to properly diagnose and provide treatment to your ear. This may or may not include the utility of hearing aids, which are amazing devices that help unlock the quality of life for millions of people globally.

As a means of feeling informed about when to be checked out, it’s crucial to know what problems can potentially cause hearing loss and when to be seen. For instance, knowing that ear infections or even dental problems can affect your hearing will inspire you to find a quicker, more comprehensive appointment.

As such, knowing which injuries could possibly affect your hearing is also important to know. After all, some people consider hearing loss to only result from long-form exposure to an unsafe stimulus, and it’s important we challenge that perception. Let’s discuss five of these below.

Head Trauma

Head trauma can cause a range of unexpected problems, but hearing loss is certainly among them. If you’ve taken even a light knock to the head, being seen by an appropriate health specialist may be key and scheduling an appointment with your audiologist is also wise.

Unfortunately, head trauma can come from a range of places, be that from vehicle collisions to sports injuries and accidents at work. Furthermore, head injuries may seem relatively consequence-free now, but without a full and complete scan unexpected issue may show down the road. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive the moment you can reasonably book the right appointments or after release from the hospital.

Frostbite & Exposure to Extreme Cold

Frostbite and exposure to extremely cold temperatures can damage the inner ear and the overall auditory system. Being seen by an audiologist, immediately, is key. In cold conditions, wearing ear-warming hats is not only a comforting measure, but something that can prevent long-term damage.


Whiplash is most often associated with vehicle collisions, but it can come from anywhere your head is whipped back and forth at dangerous speed. While many people think of neck braces as an essential remedy to post-whiplash healing, full ear inspections are essential to book too. After all, whiplash is its own form of head trauma.

Exposure to Incredible Noise

Traumatic noise exposure can cause perforated eardrums or permanent damage to the inner ear, and this can pose a harmful problem. If you’ve been in proximity to explosions or loud sounds without appropriate ear defender headsets, then it might be you require attention from a qualified audiologist. If you feel a prolonged ringing in your ears after exposure, this is twice as important. It’s best to schedule an appointment no matter if you feel little effect right now, just to be sure.

Damage to the Ear Itself

Cuts, bruises, burns, scrapes and impacts to the ear itself can cause problems and may significantly affect your hearing. This is especially true if bleeding enters the ear canal. These injuries can also be rife for infections if not properly sterilized or cleaned. Again, what may seem like a small injury now can affect you down the line if proper inspections have not been conducted.

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