Almost all adults – with a little help – are able to identify the signs of hearing loss that they could be facing. They are either told that their hearing is declining by people around them or they notice the difference when they’re at work or in crowded places. It’s still something that’s difficult for adults to identify, so expecting children to be able to do it is not always possible.

We are responsible for ensuring that our children are as healthy as possible, and a part of that is in ensuring that they see an audiologist if they need help with their hearing. Adults can follow their own initiative when it comes to their hearing, but children have to rely on their parents and teachers to take notice when something is not as it should be.

Children often don’t notice when they are experiencing hearing loss. They are noticed by others when they say excuse me? over and over. It falls to parents to recognize when their hearing is not up to scratch and understanding the tell-tale signs of hearing loss is the first step.

Once those signs are picked up on, it’s time for a hearing test with an audiologist – and fast. Children are affected by hearing loss in ways that can impact their entire academic career and their social standing, too. We have to be vigilant about the signs that our children need to have help with their hearing and being attentive to those early signs can help you to prevent any further hearing loss in your child. So here are four clear signs that your child needs a hearing test.

They Are Telling You That They Cannot Hear

It’s an obvious one, but if your child is frequently telling you that they cannot hear you, then a hearing test seems to be the most logical route to go down. Young children will often try to tell a parent if something is wrong, but it doesn’t mean that they will outwardly say, I cannot hear you. Sometimes, it comes in the form of asking you to turn the TV up multiple times or they will ask you to repeat yourself again. They may even flat out ignore you because they can’t hear what you are asking them, and so booking an appointment with an audiologist is the best answer to this problem. Most parents get frustrated and think that their child isn’t paying attention to them, but this isn’t the issue at all!

Their School Grades Are Declining

Often, teachers can pick up hearing loss where parents may have missed it. It’s not down to bad parenting, but down to the fact that children who are in a larger crowd at school are easy to spot when they are unable to hear. There are a lot of reasons for a decline in grades, but hearing loss is up there with the rest of them. Much of the time, children who are struggling to hear what’s being said are also often too shy to point out that they cannot hear. You can ask your children whether they can hear the teacher properly and then booking in a hearing test with the right audiologist is the next step.

They Are Overly Attentive

We all want our children to concentrate on what we are saying to them, but if your child is actively pulling your face to theirs so that they can see your lips moving when you talk, it may be a little more than attentive. It could be that they are naturally more attentive, but there is a different type of intensity that comes with children trying to focus too hard on what you are saying. Their intensity is noticeable, especially if they are staring at you hard while you speak.

They’re Very Loud!

Children often speak very loudly when they are dealing with hearing loss, where some children don’t speak at all because they haven’t heard how to! Children can seem more aggressive and louder when they cannot hear, as they cannot hear how loud they’re being. It’s not that they’re trying to be rude or overly boisterous, it’s just that they don’t know they’re being loud in the first place.

Getting Help

It’s important that you know how to get the right help for your child if you suspect hearing loss. With the help of the experts at our clinic, you can learn more about Clifton Springs Hearing Center altogether. Call us today at 315-496-4314 today for an appointment!