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Our goal is to identify hearing loss and provide solutions for those seeking help with their communication difficulties. 

To achieve this goal we make a commitment to you, as our clients that you will always be treated with respect and compassion, and we will actively listen to how hearing loss has affected the quality of your life. Our Clifton Springs, Pittsford, and Rochester-based audiologists are committed to removing the barriers between client and professional, so we can approach together what it means not to be able to hear and understand on a daily basis.

If a hearing loss has been identified, we will offer the world’s most advanced technology solutions available (including hearing aids) to help you hear and understand sounds in life around you. Our audiologists will provide education and utilize our expertise to use these advanced tools to be successful in bringing back to you the world of sound and speech understanding. We will always take a patient centered approach, putting you, the human being first and technology in its proper place as a tool to be used, rather than the centerpiece of the entire process. We will guide you through the myths and misconceptions about hearing loss and hearing aids, and try to match the correct hearing aid technology to your particular needs, concerns, and financial means. 

Once a hearing aid fitting has been implemented, our audiologists will make a lifetime commitment together, to monitor your hearing and guide you on a regular basis so that you continue to progress toward a better quality of life through better hearing. Our mutual success will transform your hearing limitations into feeling more secure in your communication abilities and how you connect to the world around you.

The hearing aid then becomes not a symbol of weakness, but a tool of strength.