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What does it take to become a hearing super hero?  Listening to each other well is one of the most important actions we do as humans and good hearing health is essential to this “super power”. When you’re listening super power is at its best during a conversation you might… Offer a loved one the comfort they have been looking

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It is common for a loved one with untreated hearing loss to distance themselves from family members and friends as frustration grows. But once he does seek out help for hearing loss - support from family and friends will be the key to helping him on his journey to better hearing. From processing information, to building confidence or maybe just

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Clifton Springs Hearing Center and Hearing Loss Education Clifton Springs provides many educational opportunities for those in the Rochester, New York area. Staying connected with our community and keeping our citizens well-informed about hearing loss is our chief aim. This past spring, Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic hosted a free Community Connection Program called “Hearing Loss”, where causes and treatments

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